RTI and Auto Enrolment

In April 2013 HM & Revenue & Customs introduced the biggest change to the PAYE system since its introduction in the 1940s.

As we now we move forward, the Bureau is pleased to report that the preparation made for the change has resulted in a seamless transition to the new regulations for our clients.

The investment in software and training of staff enabled the high level of service to be maintained during this period of change.

The experience gained with RTIhas meant that the bureau is prepared for the continued introduction of Auto Enrolment. The Bureau is working closely with several scheme providers and its own software team to ensure that all clients, present and future, have the comfort of knowing that their needs will be met.

The Bureau is able to provide a default solution for clients which will ensure compliance at each clients relevant staging date for a reasonable cost, if they choose not to seek a solution from an independent financial advisor.

For details of the solutions available and all aspects of Auto Enrolment, please contact Judith on our office telephone number 020 8216 2121.

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