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First five sectors targeted in red tape review

20 Jul 2015

The Government has launched a series of reviews in a bid to help save businesses £10 billion in red tape.

The Cutting Red Tape programme will begin by examining the energy, waste, agriculture, care home and mineral extraction sectors, which ministers say face some of the most burdensome regulations.

The agricultural industry, for example, reportedly spends an average of more than £77 million complying with information checks, which often involve completing duplicated forms.

Duplication is also an issue for the care sector, with care homes often required to provide the same information to up to seven public agencies.

The reviews aim to address problematic areas such as these, with a view to cutting the cost of doing business over the next five years.

Launching the programme, Business Secretary Sajid Javid said he was determined to ‘take the brakes off British businesses and set them free from heavy-handed regulators.’

He added: ‘The Government’s pledge to cut £10bn in red tape over the course of this Parliament will help create more jobs for working people, boost productivity and keep our economy growing.

‘We want firms to tell us where red tape is holding them back and help us make Britain the best place in Europe to start and grow a business.’

Businesses can have their say by visiting