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Osborne to deliver 'emergency Budget' on 8 July

18 May 2015

The Chancellor George Osborne has revealed that he will present a new Budget on 8 July.

Osborne admitted that it was unusual to deliver two budgets in one year, but said he didn’t want to wait to ‘deliver on the commitments we have made to working people’.

‘It will continue with the balanced plan we have to deal with our debts, invest in our health service and reform welfare to make work pay.

‘But there will also be a laser-like focus on making our economy more productive so we raise living standards across our country,’ he added.

The Chancellor is expected to outline how the Conservatives will cut £12 billion from the welfare bill, paving the way for the next wave of austerity.

The last Budget was presented on 18 March and included changes to ISAs and help for home buyers.

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