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Charities Digital Service launched

17 Feb 2015

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has launched an online service which will allow charities to register for tax purposes.

Until now a charity was required to fill out a paper form, although they were able to reclaim tax online. The new service is named ‘Get recognition from HMRC for your charity’, and is expected to help the 15,500 new charities which are registered each year.

Chief digital and information officer at HMRC, Mike Dearnley, said: ‘We are completely changing the way we work with our customers – including charities. Our new digital services are straightforward, easy to use and convenient. The charities service minimises the risk of making mistakes, so applications are less likely to be returned to the organisation’.

The paper form to register as a charity, ChA1, will no longer be available. All registration must now be done online, providing all necessary details and documentation through the official website here.