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Small Business Resolutions: starting the new year right

31 Dec 2014

Returning to work after a short festive break can seem daunting, but the intrepid business owner will see this as a fresh opportunity.

With you and your employees rested and refreshed, it can be the ideal time to think about your business goals and start implementing your plans for success. Just like your personal resolutions, these goals will be unique to your industry and specific requirements.

Some popular business resolutions you might decide upon:

  • Delegate more
    Managers and owners of small businesses can easily get caught up in the minutiae of day-to-day running, adding unnecessary stress when they have a workforce in place to help. Give yourself the best start to 2015 by learning to delegate.
  • Plan and execute an improved marketing strategy
    Whether digital or analogue, think about your current systems and if they are the best way to meet your targets. Is your marketing budget large enough for what you want to achieve? Or are there improvements you can make without incurring further financial costs?
  • Learn a new skill
    Leading a team to success means innovation, and even the best managers grow and improve over the course of their careers. As well as the daily lessons you learn through the years, expanding your skillset with training, e-learning, short courses or higher qualifications could help you lead your team to greatness!