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Millions to receive tax summary

03 Nov 2014

A breakdown of how the Government spends its income from UK taxpayers is to be sent to twenty-four million people, according to the BBC.

Chancellor George Osborne first proposed this move in 2012, as a ‘revolution in transparency’.

Individuals will receive summaries detailing how much tax and National Insurance they have paid, and a breakdown of exactly how and where it was spent. This could include health, education, transport and welfare.

Mr Osborne said: ‘It’s about people getting information. This is about people knowing where their money is going and how much tax they’re paying.

‘I think it is going to help as a country the debate we have about living within our means’.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) General Secretary, Frances O’Grady, remained uncertain about the Government’s motive for releasing these figures, saying: ‘The Chancellor is relying on the fact that many people think spending called welfare all goes to the unemployed’.

She added that welfare also includes tax credits, child benefit and assistance for pensioners.