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Economic plan is working, says Osborne

17 Mar 2014

Chancellor George Osborne spoke recently about the upcoming Budget speech, pledging to promote business in the gathering momentum of recovery.

Mr Osborne said: ‘The message in the Budget is that our economic plan is working but the job is very far from done. That means addressing long-term issues’. This statement echoes his previous comments at the Autumn Statement in which he made it clear that whatever upturn the economy had seen still required austerity measures if it was to continue.

He added, ‘The budget will back manufacturing and economic growth in every region of our country. We need to back hard-working people and their aspirations’.

Some information about the new Budget has already been released. The Government’s loan-based Help to Buy scheme is being extended until the year 2020, with the intention of helping 120,000 buyers in that time.

There will also be a £200m provision to turn Ebbsfleet in Kent into Britain’s first garden city for nearly a century, via a new development corporation.

Full details of the Budget will be released upon the Chancellor’s speech this coming Wednesday.