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Businesses 'must prepare' for winter weather

31 Dec 2013

Business owners are being urged to ensure that they have sufficient contingency plans in place, as recent research suggests that the UK economy could lose up to £900m a day due to adverse weather conditions this winter.

With much of the UK experiencing strong winds and heavy rain in the run-up to Christmas, and some forecasters predicting snowfall during the first month of 2014, key areas to consider include protecting valuable equipment from the risk of burst pipes or flooding, and making sure that access to road grit is readily available.  

Business owners should also check that they have appropriate insurance in place, and check the type and level of cover provided under their policy.

If employees are able to work from home during periods of adverse weather, provisions should be made. This will not only help to maintain productivity, but will also protect staff by eliminating the risk of potential accidents in icy weather.